girls wearing boxers is such a frickin’ turn on. along with girls wearing beanies. and girls wearing plaid shirts. and girls wearing tank tops. and girls in general.


one of the greatest scenes in television history

I'm just going through your Jesse Pinkman tag and I stumbled upon that wonderful gifset of him (you tagged it as 4x05 guessing episode wise) he's riding shot gun and he has his head thrown back, eyes shut, mouth gaping. So I couldn't help, but to think of Mr. White giving him a blow job from the driver seat. idk. just yeah.

you talking about this one i presume oh man imagine them being in walt’s car, and they drove into this empty valley so no one would see them and then That shit happens. walt stroking jesse’s thigh, jesse stroking the back of walt’s head, walt taking him as deep as he can and just loving the way he’s slowly unraveling this new though persona jesse’s got going on. imagine jesse slowly becoming more and more overwhelmed because now walt’s letting out these small, satisfied groans every time jesse can’t stop himself from thrusting his hips up or gasp and whimper, so when walt grabs his dick and starts to suck on the head of it really hard, and he’s kneading jesse’s thighs and stroking jesse’s tiny waist with one of his hands, that’s when jesse really starts to let go and his hands grasps on walt’s shoulders and head and he’s fucking into his mouth over and over again and he can’t stop moaning, these tiny high-pitched and surprised gasps followed by biting his lip and he whines all broken and needy “mr. white,” and they keep that up until jesse cries out and comes into his mouth. he’s so perfect that walt leans up and kisses him, and the look on jesse’s face when he leans back is all walt has ever wanted from him the past few months; just bright eyes, shocked and surprised and he looks so flustered and cute, even with his head shaved and his tired eyes and cool-dude leather jacket. he looks so innocent. it’s a look walt haven’t seen on him for a very long time.