(Wow I was being an ass and accidentally sent this to 148 instead of you! Well here's the message anyway...) Oh hey uhhhh that fic idea about the elevator? That's p much the hottest thing I can imagine. If you wanted to like, maybe headcanon it a little bit further I could try and pull it together into a fic?? I've been wanting to practise speech and character voices. Only if you want though no pressure bro :)

it gets hot and jesse’s shirtless cause he’s a wuss and walt can’t stop himself from staring at his body lmao. and they eventually got bored (after fighting for forever over who’s fault this all is) and so they just end up sitting slouched against the walls and jesse’s like “yo i’m bored. this shit sucks, lets do something” and walt’s all “like what?” and totally tired and distant but jesse gets all hyped like “yeah we should totally do something. i dont know, like play a game or something. yo mr white, lets play truth or dare” and then they play some and after a bunch of boring questions and jesse just trying to get on mr whites nerves (yo mr white are u a virgin) it somehow all leads to the topic of jerking off and jesse asks walt how many times he beats it since he’s “gotta do it cause the wife aint going near it yo, you said it yourself” and walt would lie and say a painfully average number (irl he jerks it all the time tbh) but he’s still shocked by how many times jesse says he does it and jesse’s gotta make a joke about walt’s stamina cause he’s ooo old fucker lol and walt would immaturely defend himself.

but ok whatever, so then walt asks him why he got that tattoo or something and jesse tells him but walt’s bored and doesn’t understand why people would get tattooes. jesse explains a bunch of reasons but walt still doesn’t get why you’d ever hurt yourself to have ink on you but jesse tells him that some people even like the pain. that totally confuses walt and jesse’s like “what you don’t have a kink? everyone’s got some twisted shit they’re into, come on” and walt asks him “what, so what twisted shit are you into?” which he just THEN realizes how inappropriate this was. jesse would be blushing and staring, totally taken back. but he’s obviously hiding something so now walt’s curious and all “so, my turn. truth or dare?” and jesse goes “truth” and walt asks him again and jesse eventually gives up and tells him something really dirty, and he’s all flustered and nervous and awkward about it and can’t even look at mr white but for some reason… even though he knows he doesn’t have to say anything, he still tells him how like maybe he likes to finger himself and maybe he’s totally extremely into the idea of being dominated or the thought of getting fucked but shrugs it off like “yeah but i’d never be into that irl….” but he’d totally be cause as jesse’s saying all this they both get so hard and turned on cause of the obvious d/s dynamic in their relationship and how it sounds like jesse’s basically just talking about having fingered himself to the thought of walt fucking him and they end up fucking in the elevator holy shit this escalated so fast lol

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fight club or donnie darko?


I think vladamir putin looks like max from max & ruby

girls are so pretty i want one


this is the best thing i’ve ever seen. thank you.


charlie, i do a backflip every single day of my life